OITNB And Macklemore Clearly Spell Out What We Have Been Saying About Homosexuality


Jenji Kohan’s Orange is The New Black (OITNB) is probably one of the hottest things happening to entertainment lately. Every international movie critic has something to say about the Netflix series. They’re all in our faces about how the series has something for everyone to learn in life.

Well, I won’t beg to differ. It’s really a nice watch; you know, girls stalking each other, fighting over girlfriends, being bad. Plus, it almost naturally showcases what goes on in the lives of women behind bars. In addition to the countless awards it’s bagging, it should be awarded for having a remarkable count of the use of the “eff” word (yeah, it’s that natural) and an even more remarkable count of undoubtedly beautiful women in one confinement (Dascha Polanco, where have you been all my life?!).

One of the reasons critics are heaping praise on the series, though, is its most remarkable (lol, did I just learn the word?) embrace of same-sex relations. Pretty Little Liars “tried”, with all the kissing. But Kohan’s OITNB goes all the way (and I mean all the way). The series, alongside Macklemore’s emotion-gripping Grammy Award performance of Same Love, are USA’s latest messages to us, the “homophobic” nations that are vehemently bent on tolerating same-sex relations. Apparently, when their power failed to influence our powers by forceful means (like cutting aid- SERIOUSLY?!), they resorted to trying to use emotion to grip at our emotions (“peaceful” means, if you prefer). And now, President Obama is on our (Ugandans) heads for passing an anti-homosexuality bill- in a very rabid way.

Well, good try, America. You almost had us. But, see, the leaders and people whose hearts you’re trying to move are people born in societies with the Ubuntu concept. Also, their hearts have been hardened by war. They don’t give a deuce how much love your gay couples show. That gay boys and girls emotionally tied the knot at the Grammy Awards doesn’t even begin to half-justify the act in African eyes. And if it is so normal like you want us to believe it is, why did it make highlights even among yourselves?!!


Homosexuality will never feel right among us just because we watched an amazingly planned series. OITNB is a very nice series, I admit. I love watching the rest of the daily-life occurrences it so realistically showcases. But same-sex relationships are a definite no-no in a continent where our taste in morality is still pretty high and not degraded yet.

Besides, in case they didn’t notice, OITNB clearly shows that these women got engaged in gay love only because conditions couldn’t let them date men. The only two women known to have been gay outside prison were Piper (Taylor Schilling) who eventually marries a man, and Sophie (Laverne Cox) who has a male organ and therefore performs male duties- she even fathers a SON!! So, if they’re asking us to live our lives like we’re in single-sex jail, they are definitely out of their minds. They might as well just ask us to become slaves again. It’s not about to happen; never has, not now, not ever (yes, I said Never).

Another point for the Americans to note in OITNB is that Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning), the Jesus Freak, is NOT gay!! Translation- anyone that still has a pinch of Christianity and love for God in him cannot choose Christ and gay love at the same time. You yourselves showed it clearly!! So, Mr. Macklemore, you and Kohan need to sit down and give us one message, instead of fumbling and coflicting with each other. The irony of your sermons (which we clearly won’t buy anyway) is a clear symbol that we’re in the right.

Clearly, OITNB has very many lessons about life. It also has many pretty faces to spend an evening watching on the couch. The fact that it shows same-sex love is also good, because it is a bullet by America into her own head!! We, sirs, are not about to buy immorality because a fancy rapper and a few Marilyn Monroe dolls showed us it was right. Thank you.

PS: President Obama, for America’s first black president, you are the epitome of all disappointments.

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  1. i beng the entire world to let such actions of homesexuality stop for a good of the our respected nations. May the Almighty Bless U.


  2. Interesting post 🙂
    My opinion, It shouldn’t matter to anyone what anyone’s sexual orientation is regardless of where they’re located. Whether Africa or US, there’s no right or wrong. I dont believe anyone’s better than any other individual coz they like what they like. The fact that I(Abaasa) like girls , doesn’t make me any ‘righter’ does it?


    • I see where that’s coming from, AbaasaR. Thank you. In the same light, the US probably shouldn’t bother or rub shoulders with other countries just because they differ in their take on the matter, ya?


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