The complexity of the human race is predefined by a bipolar observation: that we’re all the same, and yet all so different and unique. This dichotomy dictates universal laws and world views, like religious denomination and political parties. It also dictates basic life rules, like who you can be friends with; and who you get to build your dreams and career with.

Life gives us family at birth and childhood friends at kindergarten. As we advance in age, our circles adjust relatively: expanding here and diminishing there. As your goals in life change, your crowd has got to change. It’s called growing up.


Sit down. Review your circles regularly. Make relevant additions and, hurtful as this may sound, necessary subtractions. Assess, evaluate; see who wants better for you and for themselves. See who’s willing to take baby steps with you to achieve the common goal. They may not be directly involved; moral and emotional support are also important. But if anybody thinks you’re delusional, or they think they’re “bigger” than you, please: DROP THEM. Altogether, surround yourself with people that share your vision; people that actually WANT to be part of the next step of the rest of your life and theirs. The Army that is Ready to Go to War for Your Dreams. Bless

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