It goes without saying, I love Blackish. No, I’m IN LOVE with Blackish. It’s edutainment at its very best, with comedy and lessons in one punch. I doubt that I’ve seen a cuter TV family than the Johnsons- especially the twins.

So recently, I was watching Any Given Saturday (Blackish S02E17). Diane (Marsai Martin) is filming a documentary about Jack (Miles Brown), her twin, and his blossoming basketball career for a class project. Jack is becoming quite the charm at basketball. For the Johnsons, no child has been this good at sports, so they’re watching each and every one of his games- in custom-made jerseys! Dre and Bow believe in Jack’s talent so much that they decide to try their son out on tougher courts: Travel Ball, a tournament with bigger opportunities and more scouts watching. Long story short, Jack doesn’t do so well there. With Jack falling short of his expectations, Dre gets so frustrated; it literally starts to look more like his dream than Jack’s. As a result, he goes a little overboard trying to motivate his only sport-talented son. Which doesn’t do the trick until Jack (who never quits) is allowed to push it for himself.

The moral? When you pursue a dream, when you decide to give building a career out of your talent a shot, know that you are taking more people than just you down that road. People start to believe in you, to believe in what you believe in. Some will make sacrifices for your dream; some will let go of their own paths to walk yours with you. Some will come in periodically to give you a push, while some dedicate their entire being to your cause; to make your dreams- now theirs too- come true.

That being said, you hold the hope of all these people in your hands; in your own hope, in your focus and determination, in your actions, in your achievements. Should the course perchance get tougher than you thought, you’re not allowed to lose sight of your goal; of why you started in the first place, and got them involved. It might seem possible for you to quit and start something new, but those that gave up their all for you, what happens to them? Some are probably too old by now, others totally drained out with how much you had done- and accomplished- together. Letting your dreams change course all of a sudden means smacking your hands together; smashing your hope along with all of theirs: your parents, siblings, friends and partners.

If ever you feel doubtful about how much what you’re chasing is worth, think about all these people, and the sacrifices they’ve made, and evaluate how much your dream cost them. Bring nothing but joy and happiness back to the people who chose to believe in you when nobody else did; to believe that something phenomenal would one day come out of your crazy idea. It’s the least they deserve. Bless.

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