We all want to be successful in life, no? Some want to be rich. Some want to be famous. Some want to be rich AND famous (huh, I know)! Some just want to be happy. Either way, it would be a nice thing for us all to be successful. That’s why I’m taking the time to discuss a few key terms I think we should acquaint ourselves with.



Strong love for what you do. You know the things you do; do you know the things you LOVE to do? Good; is this thing that you love the thing that you do the most (your job)? If you’re not doing what you love, how are you loving what you do?! How’s that working out for you?

Your entire input, your effort, your attitude every morning largely depend on your love for your career. If you don’t love it, and can’t change the career, better change your heart: love it.


Concentrating your attention on what matters. This should be easy, right? Wrong. Less than half the people with dreams ever get to accomplish them. Many never even START chasing them. Dreams are scary. If it’s not scaring you, that’s not a dream. But you need to focus. See through the scary knowns and unknowns and focus your vision on your goal.


Fixing your intentions on your dreams. Be decided. Are you going to do this or not? If yes, you should know there’s going to be challenges and obstacles. There will be sacrifices to be made; opportunities to let go for the greater good. So, are you still going to do this, or not? If your answer is still yes, then good. Go for it- it certainly isn’t going to come to you in a KFC bucket. Chase it, with that determination.


Reasons you’re chasing your dream; reasons you’re chasing your dreams the way you are. Why do you think you can successfully run a restaurant? Why do you think running it this way and not the other way is better? Why should it serve Italian food and French cuisine and not Tropical or African Traditional dishes?

Assess and evaluate your purpose every once in a while. How is it working out so far? If things are not going your way, revise your purpose; change the way you’re doing things.

me13.jpgInnovation & Inception

Get started. Now. Procrastination is your dream’s greatest enemy. Many never know when to start. If you’re waiting for a sign- something or someone- to show you when to start, you’re going to be waiting a long time, son. Start now, with whatever pieces you have. Just get the concept out of your head somehow. Put it on paper, for starters.

And be innovative, banange. Many people are probably already doing what you want to do out there. Give it a touch of uniqueness that will sell it- that will sell you.



Regardless of your religious denomination and world view, my friend, you’re going to need your God. When your fears and setbacks grow beyond your control, when you’re broken beyond any known repair, nobody else will be able to fix you. You’ll need a bigger-than-you solution to these bigger-than-you problems.

American media makes God sound more like a mere concept day by day; like a theory concocted to instil fear and goodwill in man. Well, believe what you want. Just remember: it’s not the “American Dream” you’re after; it is YOUR dream. Good luck.

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  1. mimiaisya says:

    ‘Start now……start with what you have. Just start’.

    Thank you for this my friend. Just what I needed.


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