I’m not a huge fan of football (what the Americans call soccer). Pretty odd for a guy, but I have my excuses: that I live in a house dominated by beautiful ladies (hehe yes) who don’t have much liking for soccer, and that I suffered severe foot burns as a kid that also burnt my love for the sport.

I do know this about football though: like all forms of pop culture, it has a lot of public opinion.

Ever hung out with soccer lovers watching a soccer game? In that moment (the game), everyone has something expertly clever to say. Now, paint a picture where every European Football Club coach has a hotline to receive the “expert opinions” of every taxi driver, barber, lawyer and and the Chapatti guy on what Messi or Ronaldo should have done when, and adds all these opinions to his one drawing board.

The point: you’ll notice, with time, that people seem to have a lot to say. Too much that they cannot hold it in; you just gotta hear it. Now, particular opinions matter to people who particularly care to hear these very opinions. There’s this thing called selective listening; listening to only the things you really want to hear. You should adopt it- it’s good for your health.


In life, you should program yourself to listen to one person at a time. You’re at school? Listen to your teachers. Hospital? Listen to the doctors. In trouble? Listen to your close friend. Lost? Listen to your God. Uncertain? Listen to your heart. There’s only one mic in life, for one speaker at a time. Listening to so many people and letting them all influence your decisions could land you in the middle of nowhere, if not a worse place.


Your worst mistake in life is making every opinion count. You’re not a customer care service centre with a hotline; you’re a human being. You’re allowed to not have all the answers at once. You’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Remind yourself everyday that you’re an extraordinary human with an extraordinary purpose in life, but human still.


Sieve the popular opinion you get in life. Give the mic to those whose opinions add value to your purpose in life. The moment there’s a clear likelihood that you’re destined for greatness, all our “experts” will show up. Keep the positivity on a shelf you visit every morning- you’ll need it. Trash the negativity in a corner you can turn to every time you need a reminder of how many false opinions you’ve got to disprove.


You’re probably decided to walk with God through your course in life. In that case, know that with God, life is a ship. Through all waves and storms, it can only have one Captain. Not two- One. If this Captain is going to be God, give him the mic, and shut up and just listen. Let him work. You’re not co-workers; you’re a subordinate. Know your place and stay put. God help us all.


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  1. Akampurira Allan says:

    That’s true!! I like.
    Am in love with the photography.


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