A few years ago, I discovered Facebook. Then I discovered Twitter, and then went on to discover Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and the likes with time. To your average person, this sounds average- because I mean, IT’S AN AVERAGE PERSON! So, what fascinated me as an instantaneous way of connecting with the world by being part of the global village called Social Media did not excite my friends as much- many of them found being on Facebook all the time “a thing for the girls”. Today, my passion for social networking has given birth to my ever-blossoming career in Digital Marketing and Online Journalism. I’m not the type to suppress my last laugh when I earn it, so yes; a little devil in me laughs at the memory of all the mockery and misconception.

I don’t blame them, though; like I said, there is always a scenario X where everyone else is an average person and you’re the connoisseur. Mistake #1: expecting everyone to be at the same level of understanding as you. Expecting everyone to see a hobby in your hobbies. I don’t like 7.5/10 of the stuff my friends like: I’m not a soccer fan, for example. I absolutely want nothing to do with alcohol. I’ve lost count of how many times this has gotten me branded as a loss (pun for a nuisance) simply because I’m different. Does that make me want to change who I am? Not for a million dollars and extra change. See, because I do not understand their soccer does not mean I underestimate its impact on their lives. I’d expect the same benefit of doubt in return. Sadly, that’s not how society works.

At the end of the day, bending your principles to facilitate the pleasure of friends and family ranks high among the reasons people will never tap their full potential. Because Daddy is a Doctor and he thinks being a painter is for weaklings, you want to please Daddy. You may try and put up a fight, yes. But the minute you have your first fall in your pursuit of your dream career, all his words come running back  to you in mind. You forget one thing though:

Life is a game of lego: When it falls apart, pick up the pieces. And one by one, build again. Keep it Colorful! Nobody said it was easy!


One very hard decision to make in life (ironically, it really shouldn’t be) is whether you’ll listen to the voices in your head, or the voices OUTSIDE your head that seem to counteract all you that you stand for; all that you believe in. You need to teach yourself patience. Teach yourself to see through all the second and third opinion coming at you about your dreams and goals. When you fall a step backwards and the jeers come through, remind yourself that perfection takes time. You want perfection? You oughtta make the time.


So set your eyes forward. Set your ears inwards; listen to only the voice from within. Let their opinions be welcome, yes. But as long as they do not see what you see, let their opinions remain opinions. Two friends recently joked when I told them I wasn’t going out for Friday Night because I had to work. If they understood that running social media for a telecommunication company means that your clientele as always as live as breath itself, they’d know better :-).

The power to overcome, the power to achieve and the power to become all starts from within. Your ability to reach the stars is in your mindset and nobody else’s; not a friend, foe or frenemy.

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