This is not going to be one of those 800-word blogs, no. I’ll keep it short n’ sweet (pun intended, considering Sauti Sol dropped their Midnight Train album like a hotcake earlier this week). So, these COVID-19 times are pushing governments, corporate companies, businesses, literally everybody to the wall with innovation on how to keep delivering with everybody staying at home.

Not far from home, in Rwanda (that one sister with whom we pillow-fight all the time), the government has over the years embraced technology and its contributions to their economy. One perfect example of this, is their use of drones to deliver medical supplies to the hilliest and most remote parts of the country. Insanely cool, right? And they’ve been doing this for years now!

Bringing you back home, to Uganda. Oh Uganda. Our Civil Aviation Authority, the regulators of everything flight here, released fresh regulation on the authorization of drone usage here.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I get it. There’s people out there that would probably use the drones for the wrong reasons (the biggest, of course, being that this government is scared to the shits about private surveillance). But a second look at these regulations will tell you they’re close to impossible to beat for the average young photographer just starting out. Needless to say, each of these stops will require payments and transportation to the offices. This, basically, comes off as an open secret war against the public use of drones in Uganda.

Which is why Jay and I thought we’d give you a fun perspective on what else we could be using drones for, and hopefully kick-start a conversation that drives change of mindsets with the “orders from above”.

Enjoy the video! For all your drone needs, reach Jay on Facebook and Twitter.

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