AfriMillennial is, as the name already gave away, a blog about the African millennial, telling Stories of today’s Young African. We throw a spotlight on trends of interest to the young African, and young Africans using their skills and talents to foster not only their personal growth but also the growth of young people in their communities.

We share stories on a weekly, in four styles: stories on a trend/topic of interest to young people in Africa, interviews with young Africans doing amazing work with their skills and talents, perspective on a topic that readers can contribute to on our socials and website and guest writers to share their opinion on literally anything of interest.

Our vision is to tell a good story about Africa. We aim to challenge the perception that the African millennial is mostly unemployed, entitled and desperate, to rewrite the narrative about our cities and the young people that live there and change the global understanding of the African millennial’s role in creating sustainable development at a personal, community and global level, while keeping it fun!

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-Tony, Blogger


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