About Mwami

Anthony “Tony”  Michael Mwami is a native of Eastern Uganda, born & raised in Western Uganda. I had close to my entire education in the Metropolitan Central Uganda, though. Basically, I have a rather mixed-up sense of belonging :-). Some would call it multicultural identity.

I’m a graduate in Mass Communication from Uganda Christian University Mukono, with Majors in Broadcasting. I’ve been writing since I was 16.My life story-a very long one for another day- inspired close to everything I do today, including writing and charity. I also developed the art from my love for literature, I guess- I loved to read as a child. My work has featured on a number of platforms, including The New Vision during my time as a freelance writer with the Vision Group back in 2012.

Asides writing, I love Music and Dance, Film and Photography, & Tour and Travel. I also run a small charity organization in Uganda called Mwami Foundation after my late father, and currently have a blossoming career in Digital PR and Communications. I Heart Africa.

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